Daniel Burrus, Executive Consortium Member

Daniel BurrusCEO, Burrus Research Associates, Inc.
557 Cottonwood La
Suite 106
Hartland, WI, 53029
Phone: 262-367-0949
Fax: 262- 691-2666
E-mail: office@Burrus.com

Daniel Burrus is a founding member of the Promar Executive Consortium©. His complimentary talents to Mr. Weiss’ in the areas of technology forecasting, strategy, keynote presentations and research have led to a unique and formative collaboration over the years between the two officers and their businesses: The Promar Group© LLC and Burrus Research Associates.

Daniel Burrus is considered one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and strategists, and is the founder and CEO of Burrus Research, a research and consulting firm that monitors global advancements in technology driven trends to help clients better understand how technological, social and business forces are converging to create enormous, untapped opportunities. Over the past two decades, he has established a worldwide reputation for his exceptional record of accurately predicting the future of technological change and its direct impact on the business world.

He is a strategic advisor to executives from many Fortune 500 companies, leading them to develop successful competitive strategies based on the creative application of leading-edge technologies. His client list includes companies such as Microsoft, GE, American Express, Google, Toshiba, Procter & Gamble, Honda, Dell, ExxonMobil, and IBM. He publishes the popular monthly Technotrends Newsletter®, and is the author of six books, including the international best seller Technotrends, which has been translated into over a dozen languages.

He has been the featured subject of a PBS television special and has appeared on programs such as Larry King, CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg, and is quoted in a variety of publications, including USA Today, Fortune, and Forbes. The New York Times has referred to him as one of the top three business gurus in the nation. He is a highly successful entrepreneur who has founded and managed five businesses, two of which were national leaders in the first year.