The Promar Group LLC works with leaders and executive boards around the world to drive new opportunity and increased results through strategy, experience and real knowledge of the markets.

The Promar Group LLC’s expertise is informed by Design A Future©, a proprietary and time-tested model for embracing change and leveraging technology into new growth opportunities.

Through significant experience coupled with high-level relationships around the globe, we have what it takes to enable your company’s growth. The Promar Group LLC often provides continued guidance to our clients as they take over the development of opportunities.

Services provided by The Promar Group LLC include:

  • Keynote Presentations and Executive Panels
    William C. Weiss, Chairman & CEO, is selectively available in the U.S. and internationally for keynote presentations and executive panels. He highlights his unique, strategic and results-oriented approach of the Design A Future© model and four key principles, with examples of success applicable for business and leadership growth.
  • Executive Advisory Board Roles
    The Promar Group LLC is retained by executive teams, investors, boards of directors and other stakeholders to advise on key areas including: business strategy, executive coaching, alliances, branding and communications, technology, new media and convergence. The Promar Group LLC participates through advisory boards or as a member of your company’s board of directors.
  • Executive Discovery Sessions
    The Promar Group LLC applies the Design A Future© model to define actionable strategies which can be executed to enable new successes. This multi-day, interactive approach also includes accessing The Promar Group LLC’s point of view from previous successes and providing key high-level contacts to potentially include in prototyping strategies.
  • Custom Action Research Engagements
    The Promar Group LLC, in combination with the client’s team, works over an extended period of time to define scenarios for new successes and explore opportunities for convergence. This service includes real-time testing of execution considerations and high-level market contacts to produce a framework for the client to execute.