Maciej Kornacki, Executive Consortium Member

Maciej Kornacki

“Convergent transformation is more easily navigated by Communications and Media companies that understand their existing data assets. A constant approach of action research, to fold in new learning on a confidential basis, is key to quickly discover what I call the convergent opportunity, test it experimentally and have integrated into the strategy in order to accelerate commercial traction.“

Maciej Kornacki is a globally recognized expert and executive working with Communications, Media and Mobile Device industries. Maciej specializes in exploring services and data convergence as a strategic direction and revenue driver in B2B, B2C and B2B2C models.

For more than 20 years, Maciej has been building and employing data assets and applied analytics to create business intelligence and use it for implementation of new services. He was involved in forming analytical organizations as well as defining data driven market-, client- and product strategies opening new revenue streams.

Kornacki advises both the largest industry players as well as start-ups (board and advisory positions) and networks with CME executives and investors in Europe, USA and Asia. Maciej is also a serial entrepreneur, currently involved in a few companies in Europe and the US, chartered with innovative business models (analytics at the core) within the CME industry.

Maciej is a seasoned sales and operational manager with a proven track record of driving global and regional revenue and profit growth despite recent economic turmoil. His professional experience includes CoinLabs (Partner), MicroStrategy (Vice President of Strategic Development) The Promar Group (Executive Consortium), SAS (Managing Director Communications & Media), ESC Poland (Chief Information), ATM/Silicon Graphics Poland (Training Center Director), University of Warsaw, Poland (Researcher and Academic Teacher).

Kornacki also co-founded and served as President for BioNet (Polish National Life Sciences Internet Services, 1992-1995) as well as co-founded and served as Vice President of Polish Telemedicine Association (1997-2001).

Maciej is an author and co-author of more than 50 scientific papers and popular publications.